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    The Final Tally

    Our Drive for School supplies finished on the 15th; these are the results:

    Wow! We are floored by the overwhelming amount of materials we received. Each number in the graph represents a package of the corresponding item, so 150+ "#2 Pencils" really means that many cartons of pencils. Incredible.

    We were thrilled to present these supplies to the schools this week, just before the end of the school year. It has been a pleasure to work with them; we hope to rerun the Drive in the fall, and above all, this endeavor has been a significant learning experience for us. Moving forward, we have a better idea of what works in the context of running philanthropic initiatives tied to vehicle servicing.

    Here is a cooliris gallery of our new friends:

    To take a look back at how these results amounted to their final tally, check out the Drive for School Supplies articles we have published in the series:


    A Word about Certified Pre-Owned at Lexus of Stevens Creek

    Did you know that not all Lexus dealerships have the same strict criteria as Lexus of Stevens Creek? There is a reason why LSC is the #1 Lexus Dealership in new and Pre-Owned vehicle volume in Nor Cal. Not all Certified Pre-Owned are created equal...

    Lexus CPO cars come with benefits similar to those of new cars, specifically:

    • Low, new-car finance rates and terms
    • Warranty for 3 years and the balance of 100k miles
    • 161-point safety, quality, and cosmetic inspection
    • 24/7 roadside assistance, while under extended warranty
    • Electronic service records accessible by any Lexus dealer

    A 70-Year-Old Ultimate Fighter!

    This Shihan will teach you the meaning of the word "respect"! John Lehner, a guest at the dealership, will be the first to tell you his life has had some texture. Through his trials, he has learned the value of discipline, self-development, restraint, and self-defense.

    At the spry age of 70, John continues to train in martial arts several times a week. He operates South Valley Oyama Karate school in San Jose, but says he prefers full-contact, mixed martial arts because, in his words, "It is more true-to-life."

    Here's a clip of John going through the motions of a routine:

    Today, John paid us a visit, and mentioned he had a video of a ninja version of William Tell knocking gourds out of someone's mouth and hands, whirling nunchucks at 120 miles-per-hour. Naturally, I feel compelled to share that video with you:

    John would also like to kindly remind us, "Remember breaking is a test of a student's capacity to break objects such as wooden boards, bricks to demonstrate technique, to toughen the striking surfaces of the body and to demonstrate the power and correct application of force. Some are spectacular feats!"

    We hope to host John and his crew for a self-defense seminar at the dealership sometime soon, so please let us know if you would be interested in attending such an event.


    Employee Wellness

    Today, we invited Susan Taylor from Farm Fresh 2 You to visit us at both of our locations. We had been planning this green employee wellness/appreciation event in honor of St. Patrick's Day for over a month, and even Roxanne and I were amazed with it's success!

    We encourage healthy eating habits as a component of our employee wellness program. It has been a pleasure to observe members of our team start to approach healthly living with enthusiasm. The thrill of making these positive changes together is especially strong when we see friends and family join us in doing so. 

    Farm Fresh 2 You is a family-owned farm in California's Capay Valley. They sell organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the Bay Area, from their store in San Francisco's Ferry Building, and directly to your door. Nearly all of the produce is picked the day before you receive it. We are honored to be San Jose's drop-off point for Farm Fresh 2 You, and have arranged a special rate for our guests and employees who elect to receive their orders at our locations.

    Rather than telling you how good their apples taste, I'd rather show you a sneak peak of our event. Here's Susan Taylor explaining everything herself:

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