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    2015 RC-F In Europe Generates Buzz on All Social Media 

    Europe gives us our first look at a RC-F in production version. Dipped in Liquid Platinum, the RC-F is absolutely stunning. This particular RC-F is fully equipped with the Carbon package, which will not be available in the states. However, you can expect the same 450+ horsepower, 380+ lb.-ft torque, 8 speed sport direct shift, and a 5.0 V8 naturally aspirated motor. With an interior inspired by the Lexus supercar, the RC-F may be the closest coupe that can compare to the LFA. The car will also come standard with Lexus Brembo brakes, 19" premium wheels, and the LFA inspired digital cluster. The interior will also be in a class of its own. Expect the RC debut in the states to come with a bang. 


    RYCCO: Reliability You Can Count On 

    Reliability is always good to have in life, whether its friends, income, or your car. Putting all your trust into something can cause a lot of anxiety and doubt. For Lexus owners, a lot of the anxiety is taken out of their life when it comes to transportation. With the Lexus brand, reliability has been the staple that consumers can depend on. One example that shows the reliability in our cars is our 1990 LS400 sitting in our show room today. Purchased 24 years ago on June 7th, 1990, the LS400 hit the half a million miles mark and remains in pristine condition. This vehicle is a true testament to the quality and craftsmanship all Lexus vehicles share.

    Sitting right across from our 1990 LS400 is our beautiful 2012 LFA. When it comes to building a V10 naturally aspirated motor, Lexus mixes super car performance with dependable reliability. J. Lee of Lexus Corp shares his LFA with over 40 thousand miles on the odometer. The only thing that has been done to keep the V10 running strong was simple preventative maintenance and oil changes. Keep in mind that this LFA has been displayed and push hard on many tracks and has toured all over the country.

    So what can you expect from present and future models of Lexus? Without any doubt, reliability is one thing you can count on when purchasing a Lexus. With a fresh redesign in every model, what are you waiting for? With the perfect mix of reliability, luxury, and performance, is hard not to choose Lexus. 


    Happy Memorial Day from Lexus of Stevens Creek!

    A great day to celebrate the past, make the best of the present to prepare us for the future. Happy Memorial Day from Lexus of Stevens Creek! Wishing everyone a safe holiday.



    Anticipation Continues: RC350 and RC-F Details Unfold

    Toyota President Akio Toyoda and RC-F cheif engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi released more details for the 2015 RC350 and RC-F, along with an available carbon fiber package. The direction Lexus is going towards gives car enthusiasts a lot to be excited about. 

    The RC F-Sport will have Lexus's signature spindle grill and F-Sport badges. In addition, it will be equipped with 19" performance wheels, an LFA inspired cluster, and suspension features such as Dynamic Rear Steer (DRS)  and Variable Gear Steering (VGRS). 

    The RC-F will be the highest trim within the RC line. Taking the role of the IS-F, the upgraded F model sports car will have over 450 horsepower, produced by a V8 5.0L engine. It will have upgraded brake calipers and rotors to ensure safety. In addition, an available carbon fiber package will be available, which will reduce curb weight. The RC line is what car enthusiasts have been waiting for from Lexus. With a luxury coupe being reintroduced since the Lexus SC, everyone is excited about the direction Lexus is going towards. The RC will be the closest sports coupe to the LFA, without the super car price tag. With much anticipation, we simply cannot wait until it arrives at our dealership.