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    Price is Only One Consideration

    OK, you've decided to buy a new car. Now you want the best deal or the cheapest price.

    You want to drive the hardest bargain you can. Sounds sensible, right?


    But is the cheapest price the best deal for you? Hmmm?

    Actually, maybe it isn't.  Here's why: there are other things you should consider during your buying process, such as...

    1.- What is the resale value of the car in the future? The true cost of owning the car, over the whole time you own it, is not just the purchase price. It's the purchase price minus the resale value (plus maintenance costs, etc.). But resale value is a huge consideration!

    2.- Are you factoring in reliability and safety? How important to you is your car's reputation for trouble-free service? How much is it worth having added safety for you and your loved ones?

    3.- Have you considered the dollar-value of your time, and factored that into your price? If your objective is solely to achieve the cheapest price possible, you will need to invest much of your time, energy, effort and emotions into that negotiation. Is it worth it?

    4.- Are you prepared to lose the deal? While you are shopping, deliberating and arguing that car you had your heart on could go to someone else. Remember, you never have a deal until you have a deal.

    5.- Are you factoring in the value of a future relationship with your salesperson and your dealership? Your after-purchase experience should be one of your most valuable considerations in your deal.

    There exists a well-known Law of Business Balance, which says that if price is your only consideration, you will miss the things that have true value.

    Your salesperson at Lexus of Stevens Creek is a professional, who is trained and certified to provide not only the car of your dreams, but also help you through your selection, facilitate your purchase, and be a dependable rock for your future.

    We, and the premier Penske dealership that we represent, always try to deliver high value in every deal.


    "Partner Rewards" Program

    Dear Lexus Owner,

    We are pleased to announce our "Partner Rewards" Program.

    When you purchase, lease, or service your Lexus with us, we will issue you a “Partnership Rewards” card. By presenting this card at our Partners’ locations, you will qualify for special, exclusive perks. We list current Rewards on our blog, under the “Community Partnership” heading, and update them frequently.

    Please be sure to subscribe to Kaizen via email to have new articles and participating Partners sent directly to your inbox the day they are published. For instance, we have used this venue to share tickets to the US Open at Pebble Beach, concerts at the Mountain Winery, and Giants’ baseball games.

    We hope you are enjoying your Lexus, and look forward to developing a relationship with you around the community we all call home.

    Happy Shopping,

    Brendan Harrington

    President & General Manager

    Lexus of Stevens Creek


    Program Your Memory Seat Settings Using a Lexus Smart Key

    Here's how to program your memory seat positions using a Lexus smart key. Have fun!