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    Comparison: 2019 Lexus GS 350 vs 2019 Volvo S90

    San Jose drivers looking for an abundance of luxury and technology will be interested in this comparison of the 2019 Lexus GS 350 against the 2019 Volvo S90. Both of these sporty sedans deliver a smooth driving experience with impressive acceleration. Lexus ranks highest in overall vehicle dependability among all brands by J.D. Power, and the GS 350 is a responsive, reliable, and comfortable vehicle. Visit Lexus Stevens Creek for a test drive.


    2019 Lexus GS 350

    The five-passenger GS 350 is equipped with a 3.5-liter four-cylinder V6 engine mated to an 8-speed direct-shift transmission with a rear-wheel drivetrain which generates 311-hp and 280 lb-ft of torque and achieves an estimated 28 mpg highway and 20 mpg city. The optional all-wheel drivetrain is paired with a 6-speed paddle shift transmission and earns an estimated EPA-rating of 26 mpg highway and 19 mpg city. Standard features include Yamaha® performance dampers for enhanced handling and ride comfort as well as Drive Mode Select with Normal, Sport, and Eco modes. The available GS 350 Sport model adds a Sport S+ driving mode.

    2019 Volvo S90

    The Volvo S90 is powered by a standard T5 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission and a front-wheel drivetrain. The S90 base model produces 250-hp and 258 lb-ft of torque and has an estimated fuel economy of 34 mpg highway and 24 mpg city. The optional T6 engine consists of a turbocharged and supercharged engine that makes 316-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and achieves an estimated 31 mpg highway and 22 mpg city. Three drive-modes come standard which include comfort, dynamic, and Eco.


    2019 Lexus GS 350

    A 12.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display, Bluetooth® technology, voice command, SiriusXM® satellite radio, Siri® Eyes Free, HD Radio™ for traffic and weather service, HomeLink®, a 12-speaker premium sound system, and the Lexus Enform system for remote access to your vehicle’s status, to remotely start the engine, 24-hour access to a live response center, and access to your favorite apps including Amazon Alexa, all come standard. A 17-speaker, 835-watt Mark Levinson® premium surround sound audio system is available.

    2019 Volvo S90

    Standard technology features consist of a 9-inch Sensus touchscreen, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ integration, voice command activation, Bluetooth®, SiriusXM® satellite radio, navigation, HomeLink®, keyless entry, and a 10-speaker audio system. Optional features include a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, head-up display, a 13-speaker Harman Kardon premium sound system, and Volvo On Call to start your car and adjust the temperature remotely.


    2019 Lexus GS 350

    A backup camera with dynamic gridlines, blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, triple-beam headlamps, all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert with lane keep assist, a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, smart stop technology, and an advanced 10-airbag system are standard safety features. Available options include intuitive parking assist and rain-sensing wipers.

    2019 Volvo S90

    Standard safety features consist of collision avoidance technology, pilot assist, blind spot information with cross-traffic alert, oncoming lane mitigation, lane keeping aid, rear collision warning, road sign information, run-off road mitigation, and adaptive cruise control. A 360-degree surround view camera, park assist, and active bending lights are optional.


    2019 Lexus GS 350

    Starting at $50,765 MSRP

    2019 Volvo S90

    Starting at $47,350 MSRP


    To Lease … or Buy Your New Car?

    You either need, or want, to get a new car.  You have two financial options:

    1. You can “buy” the car, which involves either making an outright cash purchase or providing a down payment and financing the remainder.  When you buy a car, you will have ownership – immediately if you pay fully with cash, or later if you finance and pay off the loan.

    2. You can “lease” the car for a monthly cost, over a fixed time period. Think of leasing as “renting” with all rights except full ownership.

    Which is better … and which makes more sense for you?  It depends.


    When most people consider leasing, they do so because of the three most obvious reasons; 1) a smaller amount of money is required “down” to take possession, 2) the monthly payments are less than if you finance (buy), and, 3) you always can drive a newer car.  

    But there are many more attractive features to leasing if one examines further.  Some of these arguments are;

    1. You never pay the full cost of the car’s depreciation. You only pay for the depreciated cost while you have possession of the car. This can amount to considerably less money lost than in true ownership and protects you from unexpected depreciation (loss of value).

    2. You only pay the sales tax on your monthly payment. This means that you only pay the tax in real time as you use the car, rather than all up-front as when you buy. Also, the total amount of sales tax paid over the term of the lease is much less than if you had bought the car.

    3. Leases typically include free “gap” protection. This means if the vehicle is totaled in an accident or is stolen and the value of the car drops precipitously, you are not responsible for that loss in value – the “gap.” However, if you own the car or finance, the “gap” is your loss.

    4. A lease does not appear as a debt on your credit report, as a car loan would be when financing a purchase.

    5. If the car is used for business, the IRS will allow the full deduction for the car costs based on mileage claimed. Check with your CPA.

    6. Since you are always driving a newer car, you will have the advantages of the latest in safety and technology improvements (primarily better efficiency and reduced operating costs).

    7. You will likely have lower maintenance costs because the car will always be in warranty during the lease term.

    8. Terms of the lease can be tailored to your expected driving needs (mileage allocation per year and length of the lease). Compared to book value depreciation per mile, pre-paid miles on a lease are less expensive miles.

    And lastly, at the end of the lease, you simply return the car with no hassles or questions asked … and move on to getting another new car.  There is none of the selling anxiety that is part of ownership.


    While there are many financial and practical arguments for leasing, you never have that feeling of complete ownership, of having a car “paid off” and of having the ability to customize or modify your car if you wish.

    As an owner, you can sell your car whenever you want if your driving needs suddenly change, e.g. your wife’s birth of triplets makes your convertible impractical.

    One fallacy of purchasing, though, is that you never have to pay for excess mileage (as in a lease) – in fact, you are paying for the added mileage whether you realize it or not because the more you drive your car, the more it will depreciate.

    So if you want the lowest entry costs and the lowest monthly payment costs … plus want to enjoy always driving a newer car - some of costs of which can be written off on your taxes - then perhaps a lease is for you. But, if you want pride of ownership and selling flexibility, don’t mind having more of your own money tied up in the car (at potential risk), and think that ownership is cheaper in the long run, then perhaps ownership is the path for you.

    Your lease payment will be about 40% less than a finance payment. If you purchase, consider the personal discipline to make an additional payment of 40% every month … to yourself … and put it into your own savings account, which you then can invest at a reasonable rate of return. Also consider the amount you are saving from not having more of your money tied up in a depreciating asset (as is the case with ownership) … and also add this to your “benefits pot.”

    You may make a strong argument, strictly in financial terms, that leasing makes sense. And, when you add in all of the other benefits elaborated above, leasing may become convincing, if not compelling. You may come to agree with the argument that with leasing “you get the most car for your money.”       

    At Lexus of Stevens Creek we’re leasing specialists. In fact, we specialize in finding the best path to your new car, however you arrange delivery. 


    Rearview Cameras – A Coming Requirement

    Currently back-up cameras, which display images on console video screens, are available as standard features, or options, on all Lexus models. Lexus, true to its commitment for innovation and service, has enjoyed a leadership role in offering these features to its customers.

    Now the US Federal Government wants back-up cameras installed in all new vehicles from all auto manufacturers beginning in late 2014, according to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. As he recently said, these changes will help drivers see into those blind zones directly behind vehicles to make sure it is safe to back up.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that over 18,000 people are injured, and almost 300 people are killed each year as a result of back-over accidents. More alarmingly, most of these victims are either people over the age of 70 or children. Nothing could be more tragic!

    With available technology, there is no reason to accept a blind spot of any size. Back-over deaths are particularly tragic and the systems already exist to prevent them, said a spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a non-profit organization funded by the auto insurance industry that analyzes safety and driving issues.



    Not only could the mandatory implementation of such camera systems minimize injuries and deaths, but it also could significantly reduce contact incidents between vehicles, which, even under low speeds, can create significant damage and repair expense. Such financial savings, alone, could more than offset costs to implement these systems on all cars. As such, would the government and/or the insurance industry subsidize the costs for implementation of these features in some form? Discussions are ongoing and only the future will tell.

    Under the plan proposed by the government, 10% of a car maker s new vehicles would need to have installed systems by September 2012, 40% by September 2013 and 100% by September 2014.

    As mentioned, 100% of all Lexus models already have such camera-display systems available. Additionally, some Lexus models have front and right-side cameras that provide images toward the front, as well as the side clearance when turning right. Consistent with the Lexus Covenant, we always will be at the forefront of any performance, safety, reliability or comfort developments for our customers' best overall ownership experience.



    Goals and The “F” Words!

    It’s a New Year!  Everybody flushes out the disappointments from the old year and looks buoyantly to the opportunities of a new page – a new beginning – a New Year!  As well we should!

    Most people begin a New Year by thinking of goals or objectives of what they desire.  However, for many people these are merely dreams that will blow with the wind and disappear as their resolve vanishes.  Sadly, most people are likely to experience the New Year very similarly to that tired old year they just flushed.  But there is hope.  You can set goals and use them to influence the choices you make and the actions you take during the year.  You can achieve your goals.  The key is to be serious about setting them, and then be diligent in focusing your actions for accomplishment.

    Statistics show that of all the people who set goals, only 3% actually follow through with the commitment to make them happen.  Interestingly, the same percentage – 3% - is how many millionaires are in America’s population. Coincidence?  Perhaps.

    Here are some tips for goal setting and achieving your goals:

    1.- Write out your goals - don’t just dream about them in your head.  Spend time doing this.  Think seriously about it.  You probably will be awake more than 6,000 hours this year.  If you only spend one hour formulating and recording your goals, what a powerful return on your investment you could enjoy for the other +5,999!

    2.- State your goals in a way that they are measurable.  As example, state, “ I will lose X pounds by the end of December,” rather than, “I want to lose weight.”  See the difference?

    3.- Post your goals (or shortened versions of them) in places where you can seethem regularly as reminders – in your day-timer, on 3 X 5 note cards, in your desk, on your refrigerator?  Notice them at least weekly as reminders.

    4.- Review your goals and rededicate. Spend a few moments at the end of each month to go over your objectives, or set mid-course adjustments, if necessary.

    5.- Be Accountable!  This is the single-most important action you can take.  If you do not hold yourself accountable, you most likely will fail – in your goals as in life.

    Set goals in areas of your life described by the “F” words.  These are;

    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Fun
    4. Faith
    5. Fitness
    6. Finances, and
    7. Filanthropy (actually spelled with “Ph”, but you get the idea)

    Perhaps a goal you set for yourself this coming year is to buy a car!  If this is your goal, or even if you are just dreaming about the possibility … whether it's a Lexus or not, new or used … come see me at Lexus of Stevens Creek. 

    I'll be happy to assist you accomplish this very important goal.  I'm here to help.



    Know more about me

    Hi, I'm Jaio Osborne.

    My heritage and upbringing:

    I was born in Gernika, in the Basque Country- located in the western Pyrenees on the Atlantic coast- the country of my ancestors. I have lived in Spain and France (Paris) for two decades and am fluent in four languages. I moved to America after graduating from college and have lived in the San Francisco Bay area for the past twenty-plus years. I am a naturalized American citizen but am bi-cultural.

    My career:

    I have worked in Silicon Valley high-tech for twenty years mainly in Sales and Marketing roles. Although I enjoyed the environment of techie start-ups, I came to find corporate life unfulfilling. I love cars especially luxury cars - and I love interacting with people and solving their problems. So recently, I decided to re-invent myself and become a certified Sales.  I love my job! What greater luxury is there than that? Actually, it's more than a job, for me it's a lifestyle that fits my skills and my passion. I now find ways to help people own their dreams!

    My philosophies on life and business:

    I believe in the following key principles for enjoying a successful life and business;

    • Relationships are critical and should be nourished so as to be long-term.
    • Treat others as you also want to be treated.
    • Make it a win-win for everybody involved. Relationships or transactions that don't accomplish this are short-lived and ultimately unsatisfying.
    • The prime objective always is to add value in everything you do.
    • Giving is good because what goes around comes around.

    My interests and talents:

    I love gourmet cooking. I enjoy all social activities and I find that serving great food along with great wine are keys to people's hearts. I love creatively drawing and writing. I love interior decorating and design making the most of a living or working space.  I love all of my friends and consider them treasures. But best of all, I love my own family with my husband and my daughter, as well as my three grown step-daughters. And then of course there are all of my extended family on both my husband's side and my side on two continents. Truly the greatest joys in life come from "la familia".

    My Mission:

    My aim is to serve my clients to help them find and acquire the best cars of their best dreams. I am dedicated to provide my clients with a meaningful ownership experience. Stated simply, I am in the business of helping people. I would like to become your trusted car consultant, for either a new or certified pre-owned model Lexus or other maker.