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    2014 RX450H: The Most Fuel Efficient Luxury SUV 

    The 2014 RX is an appealing luxury SUV, especially if smooth ride quality and luxurious interior are your priorities. The RX is the best luxury midsize SUV for the money and has a very comfortable cabin, roomy backseat and plenty of cargo room. If life means taking care of family or just needing more room to carry things in your car, the Lexus RX is the perfect SUV for you. With Blind Side Mirror assist and intuitive parking assist, the RX has safety features to protect you from anything the road throws at you. 

    The RX does have 2 trims, the standard RX350 and a hybrid RX450H. The big advantage of the RX450H is its great gas mileage in the city. At 30MPG in the city, the RX450H is the the most fuel efficient luxury SUV in the market. With its unique matte bamboo interior option, the RX450H redefines what luxury is.

    Though the Hybrid RX450H is the best hybrid SUV out in the market, it isn't for all. Many prefer the RX350 and RX350 F-Sport for its quick throttle response and standard 3.5L V6 engine. What is great about the RX350 is its standard 6-Speed automatic transmission and option 8-Speed Automatic in the F-Sport. This allows drivers behind the wheel to enjoy buttery smooth gear changes as they accelerate. The F-Sport also has 19" F-Sport wheels and a F-Sport front bumper, which add a sporty and aggressive demeanor to the car. 

    If you ever get a chance to sit in an RX, the luxury feel of the interior is what stands out the most. Driving long distances is no problem and very enjoyable. The amount of leg room in the rear is what people who own RX's rave about the most. With its ample cargo room to top it off, there is no doubt why the Lexus RX is the best luxury SUV out in the market.



    Messing around Town

    What's this white LFA Roadster out doing burning doughnuts in Japan?

    We didn't even know these cars existed. Good thing someone's out enjoying it!


    History of the LFA

    Readers of Kaizen have seen ample evidence of the Lexus LFA's extraordinary development. It's true, the LFA revved too quickly for conventional gauges to monitor; it's true, no existing loom could weave carbon fiber in three dimensions before the LFA necessitated the creation of one; it's true, the LFA's sonic emissions have been described by countless journalists as, "musical."

    The LFA represents a watershed in Lexus's history. It deserves it's own video-biography. Enjoy.


    2012: Year of Special Editions

    Let's face it, some model years are just more special than others. We're particularly excited for 2012. Lexus has generously spread the love across the model range. Let's look at some of our favorite Special editions this year.

    ES350 Special Edition

    You can get this car in Stargazer Pearl (Black) or Starfire Pearl (white) with, for the first time in a Lexus, saddle (brown) leather. It comes loaded with navigation, brown walnut wood steering wheel and shift knob, 17" liquid graphite wheels, and heated and cooled front seats. This is, perhaps, the most elegant ES ever offered by Lexus.

    CT200 F-Sport Edition

    We've mentioned the CT F-Sport on Kaizen before now, but this is our first chance to show if off in a stunning new color: Nebula Gray Pearl. It is also available in Starfire Pearl (white) and Tungsten Pearl (silver). It comes loaded with 17" liquid-silver-finish F-Sport wheels, F-Sport anti-sway bars, F-Sport lowering springs, blue-trimmed F-Sport floor mats, and an exclusive, Ocean Blue NuLux, eco-friendly interior. Proud owners may choose to spring for the matching Tumi luggage. We will definitely have a few of these allocated to our store, so call in your order now- they're sure to sell out quickly.

    LS460 Sport Special Edition

    Here's the heavy hitter of the bunch. This car takes everything from the svelte LS460 Sport and kicks it up a notch. The Sport Special Edition comes loaded with Obsidian (black) paint, two-tone black and beige leather interior with contrasting stitching, matte, dark-brown ash wood trim, 19" forged wheels, paddle-shifters, sport grille and exterior trim, navigation, Brembo brakes, Intuitive Parking Assist, power-assisted trunk, sport-tuned air suspension, Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), sport front seats, heated rear seats, power rear sunshade, and more. If you're a now-compromises sort of person, this rare beast is just the ticket.


    What Has 640 Horsepower and Starts with L?

    Well, you have two choices: a Lamborghini and a Lexus...

    The LP640 is Lambo's top bull, but recent spy photos reveal one secret Lexus prototype, a variation of the LS tuned by Toyota Motorsport GmbH, equals its engine output. Just for reference, that's a whole lot more power than the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, Audi S8, Porsche Panamera Turbo, or BMW Alpina B7 packs.

    The Lexus LS TMG Edition was recently spotted lapping the Nurburgring. With conspicuously-flared fenders, hood vents, and a striking body kit, this LS looks like nothing else from the Lexus factory. And it means business- 0-60 in 4.2 seconds business.

    Here's what The Lexus Enthusiast has to say about it,

    "Basic similarities [to the IS-F engine] aside, this engine has been bumped up significantly, with 642 HP (650 PS) and 523 ft·lbf (710 Nm) of torque, all blasted out at a 9,000 RPM redline — numbers that could suggest a twin-turbo setup. All this power means a top speed of 200mph (320km/h) and a 0-100 time of 4.2 seconds, or alternatively, “absolutely insane”.

    Want one?