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    Take a Closer Look at the LF-LC Concept

    In case you haven't seen it yet this car is sure to get your pulse racing. From the all digital instrument panel to the touchpad in the center cluster, this car is packed with the coolest technology on the market. Everytime I see this car I fall more in love with it. Stand in line cause if this baby goes into production I will be the first one with a deposit!!!

    Enjoy the video and I hope you like it as much as I do.




    The LFA comes to Visit Lexus of Stevens Creek!

    In case you haven't heard, there will be an LFA on display tomorrow for the Club Lexus End of Summer Car Show! Here's a sneak peak of the LFA being delivered. Be sure to stop in and see it in person...it will only be here until Sunday evening.








    Our Kind of Beauty Pageant

    On the morning of June 26th, hundreds of the world's most elegant cars will grace the Stanford University campus for the Palo Alto Host Lions Club's 45th annual Concours d'Elegance.

    We love the simple pleasure of seeing some great looking cars with the family. You can find out more details on the event at the official event site. We are proud to be a featured sponsor of this wonderful community event. Here's a little more of what to expect, from the organizers, themselves:

    "Last year’s event included over 500 vintage and exotic cars, attracted close to 10,000 people and raised close to $100,000 in charitable donations. Along with an upward of 500 vintage and exotic cars expected again this year,  other attractions on the field will include: cars you may never have an opportunity to see again, special car exhibits, cars for sale, non car exhibits, food and live entertainment."

    Also, don't miss a chance to drive your classic, or soon-to-be-classic, car in "The Drive", on Saturday morning. For more info, please see the Concours website.


    Must Read: The Truth about Car Insurance

    This might be the first article about car insurance you've ever been inclined to read- and it has pictures!

    In case you prefer to read words, here are some high points:

    • Compare insurance companies' rate increase standards after 1,2, and 3 accidents. Some companies are more forgiving than others.
    • Women are generally less expensive to insure than men. Some of that can be attributed to men generally buying more expensive cars than women.
    • Teens are expensive to insure, no matter what. They are, also, six times more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers age 30-59.
    • After age 65, rates increase.
    • Use an umbrella policy whenever possible. Placing children and/or parents on your driving policy, and consolidating it with your homeowner's or other insurance may be financially advantageous.  

    Lexus LFA Launch Control 0-260 KPH

    In a world full of launch control driven sub 4 second 0-60 monsters the Lexus LFA never ceases to excite. Check out the video featuring the tachometer/speedo cluster as the car races from a standstill to 260 KPH (approximately 163 miles per hour for those of you who have never ventured out of the good old US of A). Although the zero to sixty is impressive at only 3.7 seconds, what most amazes is how the car continues to pull right up through redline at all speeds. The acceleration from 100-200 KPH is just mind blowing...after all this is why Lexus had to use a digital tach. An analog tachometer cannot keep up with the pace of acceleration on an LFA! Check out the video and please feel free to comment on your own thoughts and impressions.