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    Lexus LFA Launch Control 0-260 KPH

    In a world full of launch control driven sub 4 second 0-60 monsters the Lexus LFA never ceases to excite. Check out the video featuring the tachometer/speedo cluster as the car races from a standstill to 260 KPH (approximately 163 miles per hour for those of you who have never ventured out of the good old US of A). Although the zero to sixty is impressive at only 3.7 seconds, what most amazes is how the car continues to pull right up through redline at all speeds. The acceleration from 100-200 KPH is just mind blowing...after all this is why Lexus had to use a digital tach. An analog tachometer cannot keep up with the pace of acceleration on an LFA! Check out the video and please feel free to comment on your own thoughts and impressions.


    Lexus Brake Recall: Questions Answered

    By now you may have heard that today Lexus has filed a Safety Recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many of our customers have concerns on what exactly this means and is their vehicle effected. Please follow along as we answer many of the common questions that you may be having.

    Q: What Vehicles are Effected?

    A: Certain 2004 – 2006 RX 330, 2006 GS 300, 2006 IS 250 and 2006 IS 350

    Q: What is Effected?

    A: There may be a faulty master cylinder seal casuing a small amount of brake fluid to slowly leak into causing the brake warning lamp to illuminate.

    Q: What does this mean?

    A: Over time this may cause your brake light to illuminate and if not treated could potentially lead to a decrease in brake performance and brake feel.

    Owners of the recalled vehicles will be notified of the recall by mail in early November. Please follow along our blog and we will keep you updated as new information is released.

    If your brake light is currently on please contact our service department at (888) 758-4745 or click HERE.


    2010 National Child Passenger Safety Week

    Today is National Seat Check Saturday which is aimed at building awareness and safety regarding child passengers. Studies show that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for children 3-14 years of age.
    Follow the link below to find out the 1-2-3-4 progression of child seats as your infant grows from toddler to tween. There is also a national registry where you can be notified of any defects or recalls on your child safety seat.
    The National Highway Safety Administration also offers local sites where certified technicians will inspect and verify (for free) your child seat's proper installation. Click HERE to find the inspection station nearest you.
    "While installing and using child safety seats may appear to be easy enough, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that close to 3 out of 4 parents do not properly use child restraints ... and if you are one of them, that child safety seat may not protect your child the way it should."

    Finally Some Light is Shed on One of Life's Oldest Questions!!!

    Do certain colors attract police?



    "In today’s era of radar and laser detectors—not to mention soulless speed cameras—the easy answer is no. Most police officers will explain that if you’re speeding, you’re going to be pulled over no matter the color of your car. But could law enforcement subconsciously be focusing on brighter colors, and red in particular?

    They might be, at least based on research conducted by Dr. Mark Changizi, professor of Human Cognition at 2AI Labs. An evolutionary neurobiologist, Changizi’s online biography details his studies as a means to “grasp the ultimate foundations underlying why we think, feel and see as we do.”

    According to his studies of primates, our eyes have evolved to detect subtle changes in blood oxygenation. In layman’s terms: we notice pigment changes when, for example, someone turns red with anger or pale with fright. “It’s all about emotions,” says Changizi. “Our eyes are designed to see these color changes.” Primates with less fur on their face and rump (such as baboons and chimps) can detect these pigment shifts.

    Different emotional states depend on how oxygenated your blood is. “Red is a symbol of strength physiologically,” says Changizi, while mentioning recent studies that have proven wearing red sportswear leads to a higher probability of winning. Changizi says cultural factors also play an important role. Think about a red car, and chances are good a low-slung Ferrari or Corvette springs to mind.

    Millions of years of evolution, along with some clever marketing, means that brighter colors (especially reds) could simply be hard-wired in our minds as being powerful, fast and strong. Just don’t try to wiggle your way out of a speeding ticket by telling a cop he was genetically programmed to ticket your little red sports car."

     Click here for the full article.


    New in Los Gatos

    Fathers' Day is upon us. For those not preoccupied watching the US Open, manning the grille, or otherwise performing the duties of Superdad, we have a recommendation for your forthcoming Saturday afternoon.

    Amidst the planning of our new Partner Rewards program (that launches today), we made our rounds to all the usual haunts, formalizing benefit arrangements on the behalf of you, our loyal patrons. Low and behold, we noticed a new store front on Los Gatos Boulevard! Gleaming signage and all.

    Automobuild may very well be the first, in their words, "specialty toy store that allows you to build, race, learn and celebrate the engineering of classic cars!" Sounds good to us.

    We can't wait for their opening this weekend, and it seems that they can't either- they've arranged for a celebratory car show right in front of the store. We can't think of a better, casual pre-Dads' Day activity.

    Best of luck Automobuild!