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    Something Wicked: Redux

    Remember the "Something wicked this way comes" GS ad campaign in the late 90's? Here's a car that pulls some of the most attractive dominant and recessive genes from the Lexus pool: hybrid power and sinister presence. Behold the all-new Lexus LF-Ch.

    [LF-Ch: Courtesy of Lexus.com]

    As the latest concept hybrid vehicle from Lexus, the LF-Ch pairs driving enjoyment with a sustainable focus. It offers visually striking styling, premium features, an innovative drivetrain with low emissions and impressive fuel economy in a sporty yet versatile five-door package.

    The exterior of the LF-Ch concept exudes strength and simplicity with a wide stance, broad and high-shoulders as well as an arching roofline that flows into the rear spoiler. An aggressive grille with a wide front bumper and air dam gives the hybrid concept a powerful personality in keeping with its dynamic lines.

    Inside, designers created an elegant cabin that is contemporary and functional with metal and leather trim. The LF-Ch has four sport seats that feature trim lighting along the cushion's edge for cabin illumination. Rear passengers can enjoy headrest-mounted iPhone® docking capability for audio and video entertainment.


    Johnson's take: 

    In this video, Lexus’s newest concept vehicle, the LF-Ch, makes its public debut at the Hollywood & Highland center on December 19, 2009. Photos taken by Giulano Bekor Photography.


    Introducing: Cilajet

    [Video courtesy of Jay Leno's Garage, thanks Jay!]

    Lexus of Stevens Creek is proud to be an authorized installer of Cilajet products. Cilajet seals the paint on your vehicle, protecting it from contaminants, tree sap, and more. Please see below for more in depth product information, and do not hesitate to contact me at any time regarding Cilajet. We warranty the product for 10 years.

    Aerospace Industry Quality    

    • Meets and exceeds the specifications of aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Airbus.
    • Formula used by Gulf stream to protect and extend the paint on our world’s most technologically advanced private jets.
    • Documented by NASA to improve fuel efficiency between 3 and 8 percent.
    • Formula used by United Airlines, Qantas, New Zealand, Royal Air New Zealand Air Force, DHL Aircraft, and Others.

     New & Pre-Owned Vehicles

    • Bonds with metal, paint and glass on a molecular level (not a wax, polish or Teflon coating).  Finishes into a deep mirror-like shine that does not evaporate over time.
    • Repels dirt, grease, water, bird droppings, brake dust, tar, salt, overspray, tree sap, and other contaminants.
    • Removes light surface corrosion and oxidation chemically without any abrasive additives.
    • Adhesion and filling properties eliminate surface imperfections such as webbing and fine scratches.
    • Establishes or re-creates a “better than showroom” finish.
    • Increases the opportunity to maintain or increase vehicle’s resale value by maintaining or restoring its original luster.
    • Reduces maintenance time for repeat washings or details.  Simply put – vehicles stay cleaner longer.
    • Product of choice for exotics, classics and hi-line performance vehicles used in car shows and presentations.
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