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    20... 10 Questions for Jim Lentz on Digg

    With all the news about Toyota and Lexus recently, we would like to take this opportunity to show you a source for accurate information. Digg, the social bookmarking website with 40 million users, took the opportunity to crowdsource its users for questions to ask Jim Lentz, tally the most popular ones, and ask them to him directly.

    You can see these questions in the video below. Each dot on the progress bar represents a point in time when Jim is asked a new question. 

    "With the recent controversy surrounding the Toyota vehicle recall, Jim Lentz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, is answering the Digg community’s top questions for a very timely and topical Live Digg Dialogg. He’ll be sitting down with Digg to provide perspective on what happened, what they’re doing about it and what consumers need to know about the recall."

    [Courtesy of Digg.com]


    Driver Awareness

    Embrace Life from Haendel Dantas on Vimeo.

    When you buy a car, you hear a lot about active safety (like all-wheel drive and rain-sensing windshield wipers) and passive safety features (like airbags and crumple zones). To be sure, these are amazing technologies that save lives.

    Most accidents, though, can be attributed to driver error. This fact means all drivers should maintain a high level of situation awareness. Before every drive, check your tire life and pressure, fluid levels, assure your floor mats are properly secured, and please, always wear your seatbelt.

    The winter season brings us more challenging driving conditions, so we must be sure to prepare.


    Help for Haiti

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to show you the announcement that Penske Corporation made today about our donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. As many of you have seen, Haiti has been in turmoil ever since the massive earthquake occurred a couple of weeks ago. I also wanted to say, "Thanks," to every team member for helping in the recall efforts at our Toyota and Lexus stores.

    This project is part of our broader effort to engage in strategic, mission-related philanthropy. For more information on this school of thought, please see BlendedValue.org, a site established by former Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor, Jed Emerson, and McKinsey & Co. Senior Expert, Sheila Bonini. A background pdf can be found here.



    It's All about Customer Satisfaction

    Hi my name is George Soliman, and I would like to introduce myself to everyone reading Kaizen. This is my first post!

    Here is a very flattering video of me. I once sold this guest and his girlfriend each a car on the same day, and he was so pleased with the experience that he decided to do something nice for me. Without further adieu, here is a video made by my guest, Ray Stendall; it really is not a paid advertisement, but looks just as professional. Thanks Ray!


    Lightyears, Today

    This video shows what can be accomplished when a person takes meticulous care of her vehicle. This is amazing.
    As a retired high school administrator, I'm in my ninth year at Stevens Creek Lexus. I am currently working as a Guest Relations Representative. Before my retirement, I was a high school teacher, counselor, Dean of Students and Principal. I purchased my first Lexus in 1990, the LS400. It currently has 269,000 miles on it, and I've only replaced one part: the starter, one year ago. I also own the '07 LS460, which I love. Lexus of Stevens Creek is a great place to work.