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    [Repost] Review: Lexus GS450h Uses Electrons for Fun

    The GS450 can be a sleeper in unorthodox ways, too: it is a hybrid performance vehicle, and it is a driver's car under Lexus sheet metal. Among the rarest cars in the Lexus lineup, it is certainly worth your consideration. Here's what Autoblog has to say: 

    Lexus GS450h - Click above for high-res image gallery

    Photos by Michael Harley / Copyright ©2009 Weblogs, Inc.

    "...A Lexus cabin is a room at the Ritz – you know what you're getting. Everything was there, and it's a quick job to figure out where it all is. The GS' center console has the same number of buttons as its stablemates, but they're round instead of square, and each one enjoys about a half of an inch of separation. That layout makes them easier to find and use, and dispels the Mission Control sensation some of other cars in its class evoke.

    Keep the Lexus key nearby, press the start button and the sounds that greet you are the sames sounds you enjoyed before the starter was depressed. Silence. The GS starts in electric mode and there's nary a noise to be had inside the cabin. There's no thrill in creeping noiselessly down an alley in a Prius or an Insight; that's what those cars are for. It's goofy, we know, but we got a serious kick out of rolling in silence, especially in a car one wouldn't expect to be mute. Bring on the electric Murcielagos already...

    The GS 450h is the world's first performance luxury hybrid, and we loved its performance. That's right, love. Why? Because batteries rock. They make things happen right now, and anytime we dabble in acceleration our preferred phrase to begin the proceedings with is "right now." Acceleration from a stop isn't cheetah fast – cheetahs take time to get up to speed. This is gazelle fast. When you're being chased by something with teeth that's already running 60 mph, you don't have time to meander up to speed. The GS 450h accelerates like it doesn't want to be eaten. Instant torque, party of one, your stoplight is ready. And this is in any gear, at any speed. Hit gas and there's no "and," you just go. We were surprised to find out that it takes 5.2 seconds to get to 60, but over a sustained acceleration the limited battery power can only do so much. Oh, and the 450h does weigh a hippo-riffic 4,132 pounds – about 200 more than the GS 460."
    Read the rest on Autoblog.

    By Way of Geneva - The All-New Lexus CT200h

    This just in: Lexus has debuted a new model, the CT200h, which will join the hybrid linup later this year.  Announced shortly after the LF-Ch, these new models forshadow the direction of Lexus cars to come. Please check out this informative article from Autoblog below; we invite you to contact us to pre-order your car. Although nobody at our dealership has yet driven this car, it promises to be a no-compromise driving experience.

    Gallery: Lexus CT200h



    • Lexus's first premium compact model
    • Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain with 1.8-litre VVT-i petrol engine and powerful but compact electric motor
    • Full hybrid system with selectable EV mode for emissions-free electric running
    • Further selectable ECO, NORMAL and SPORT driving modes
    • ECVT intelligent electronic continuously variable transmission
    • Expected to deliver class-leading CO2 emissions
    • Significantly lower NOx emissions than equivalent diesel engines and almost no particulates
    • Long, 2,600mm wheelbase ensures excellent accommodation for everyone on board
    • Debut at Geneva motor show prior to worldwide sales launch in late 2010

    The new Lexus CT 200h is the first full hybrid vehicle to be launched in the premium compact segment. Entering production in late 2010 and set for sale worldwide, the full hybrid model will provide a new gateway to the Lexus range and attract new, younger customers to the brand.

    The CT 200h was designed and developed with the European market in mind. Lexus's first five-door compact car, its size, packaging, full hybrid technology and low emissions fully address the requirements of discerning, environment-conscious customers in a key market sector. At the same time, it does not compromise the quality, refinement and driving pleasure that are the hallmarks of every Lexus.

    [Via Autoblog]



    Despite Recent Concerns, Lexus Remains #1 in Customer Service

    We Lexus employees continue to focus on doing business in the way we would like to be treated.  Ultimatley, customer service is about listening to our Guests, and providing them with solutions and answers.  We have built long-standing relationships with people who expect to experience excellence. We are honored to share these relationships with our Guests. Thank you for keeping us at the top of this list!


    "Lexus and Hummer took top honors in their respective categories in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Consumer Service Index (CSI) Study. Released this time each year, the CSI rankings (based on a 1,000-point scale) measure satisfaction among vehicle owners who visit a brand service department for maintenance or repair work during the first three years of ownership – that wonderful honeymoon phase when factory warranties are still in full effect. The study is designed to focus on five measurements: service quality, service initiation, service advisor, service facility and vehicle pick-up. The results are tabulated, and then presented as a score on a 1,000-point scale. Unlike previous years, where all brands were lumped into one single category and only three made it to the podium, JDPA broke things into two segments: luxury brands and mass market brands.

    Lexus, with a score of 837, was at the top of the luxury brands, again – the automaker won last year as well. It was followed by Cadillac (827), who showed a big improvement over the previous year, and Jaguar (822). If you recall, Jaguar was at the top of the list in 2008 and finished second in 2009 (this is more indicative of a bar that continues to be raised rather than a decrease in service). Hummer (815) was top dog among mass market brands, followed by the now-discontinued brand of Saturn (808) and Buick (805). General Motors holds six of the top seven spots on the mass market category. At the bottom of the list are Suzuki (693), Mazda (717) and Jeep (720).

    Overall, the industry is showing improvement as customers have expressed satisfaction with the ease of driving in and out of dealership facilities, parking convenience, thoroughness of work performed, the speed of repairs and flexibility of accommodating schedules. While that sounds like great news, experts say it most of those improvements may be attributed to the lower volumes of service bay traffic as sales slump in the new car showroom. [You may view the] full press release here."

    [Repost of J.D. Power & Associates via Autoblog]


    Why a Lexus?!?

    During a past weekend I had my dad and friends over my house for a relaxing afternoon brunch. Since I am a collector of new and old motorcycles and cars, and am also an avid motorcyclist, I like to keep abreast of both classic and new bikes and cars. We sat talking about motorcycles and cars and I asked a hypothetical question, “Why a Lexus?” It wasn’t like I expected to hear astrophysics to answer it. However, I was certainly surprised when all heads turned faced me, and gazed at me like I had just accepted the biggest booby-prize by not knowing why people would choose our cars. 

    Judging by their expressions, these proud owners must have contemplated the merits of ownership extensively, and as the cars pertained to their everyday routines. It was easy not to be a devil’s advocate, as what I was hearing became quite beneficial.

    So, why a Lexus?  As one said, "I have had my Lexus for years. After owning plenty of American cars my wife wanted a luxury car. I researched all the luxury cars and Lexus surpassed the others in luxury. The Lexus LS430 was what my wife decided on buying, and we have enjoyed this car ever since."

    That story recalled the memories of my brother in-law who gave his Maxima to my brother and his wife and purchased their first Lexus LS400 in 1989. Their reason was the car was ranked highest in reliability and luxury by J.D. Power and Associates. Through the years, they have upgraded to newer models but remain loyal to the Lexus product.

    I was asked if I ever read Motor Trend or Motor Week. I said, "Not really," but I read the Consumer Reports on buying new cars, and Lexus was best qualified a lot of the times.

    My dad turned around and asked me if I had ever noticed the car my cousin Sharon drives is a Lexus, and she loves that car immensely. Not to mention my Aunt’s Lexus that everyone piles into going to church on Sundays. My friend Mike sat there and rattled off amenities that Lexus carries and the advantages it has for the owners like the Park-Assist and Backup Cameras, which he insisted were made for his girlfriend. Mike said the cars can be optioned with the rear seat entertainment system that has two video sources, which is cool because kids never want to watch the same thing at once. David said Certified Pre-Owned cars come with a 100,000 warranty. He didn’t think his Ford could pull that one off at all, or if it would even last that long (unfortunately his Ford did take a nose dive).

    Anyway, the answer to my question: “Why a Lexus?” was, indeed, a full deck of cards played well. I obviously had a winning hand. Ah, but to justify what my friends were saying, I found a link about Lexus and what they have achieved, which I have posted for you, our guests and friends, to review.  With this information you will have an easier time selecting a Lexus without a rocket science’s recipe.

    If you would like to add you experience of owning a Lexus please post; it is always great to hear what others have to say, and you always hear of something new, as I found out that day.



    20... 10 Questions for Jim Lentz on Digg

    With all the news about Toyota and Lexus recently, we would like to take this opportunity to show you a source for accurate information. Digg, the social bookmarking website with 40 million users, took the opportunity to crowdsource its users for questions to ask Jim Lentz, tally the most popular ones, and ask them to him directly.

    You can see these questions in the video below. Each dot on the progress bar represents a point in time when Jim is asked a new question. 

    "With the recent controversy surrounding the Toyota vehicle recall, Jim Lentz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, is answering the Digg community’s top questions for a very timely and topical Live Digg Dialogg. He’ll be sitting down with Digg to provide perspective on what happened, what they’re doing about it and what consumers need to know about the recall."

    [Courtesy of Digg.com]