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    To-ga! To-ga! To-ga! - LSC at Saratoga HS's Earth Day Fair


    We had a busy Earth Day, indeed! Between our event at Service and our auction at Cisco, I visited Saratoga High School for their student-organized Earth Day Fair.

    This video features the RX450h and HS250h, two of the four hybrid cars Lexus currently sells. Both employ full hybrid- not passive hybrid- drive systems. Here are the student's reactions to the cars. Thanks to 'Toga for having us! Happy Earth Day!


    Waste Not

    In the spirit of the holiday, we figured we'd hit you with a cool product that's not Lexus-related. It's Patrick Sung's new "Universal Packaging System," the coolest form of cardboard we've ever seen.

    The design features both perpendicular and diagonal creases, to allow the cardboard sheets to conform to traditionally and abnormally-shaped objects, while preserving structural integrity. Contortional versatility allows UPS to be shipped in sheet form.


    Less material means fewer delivery runs to retailers, lower shipping costs for buyers, and less material in landfills for the rest of us. Bravo, Patrick Sung.


    See You Tomorrow: Earth Day!

    Just wanted to give you a head's up regarding our numerous Earth Day activities tomorrow. 

    Roxanne Murray has planned an eco-friendly workshop for our Service Department. All hybrid vehicles will be sold at Dealer Invoice, and all guests that buy a vehicle will receive a potted tree. We’ll have hybrids shown at 2 local earth-day events:  Cisco & Saratoga High School.

    There will be a Lexus Earth Day work shop tomorrow, April 22, 2010, from 8:00am to 1:00pm in our Service lounge area.  Eco-consultants from Green Irene/Cody Associates will be present to give guests ideas on environmentally friendly living.  Please drop by to welcome our guests and ask any questions you may have. 

    Tomorrow’s Earth Day topics will include:

    • Green Home Makeover
    • Toxic Free Living
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • Climate Project
    • Water Conservation
    • Energy Efficient Home
    • Lexus Hybrid Table


    A Word about Certified Pre-Owned at Lexus of Stevens Creek

    Did you know that not all Lexus dealerships have the same strict criteria as Lexus of Stevens Creek? There is a reason why LSC is the #1 Lexus Dealership in new and Pre-Owned vehicle volume in Nor Cal. Not all Certified Pre-Owned are created equal...

    Lexus CPO cars come with benefits similar to those of new cars, specifically:

    • Low, new-car finance rates and terms
    • Warranty for 3 years and the balance of 100k miles
    • 161-point safety, quality, and cosmetic inspection
    • 24/7 roadside assistance, while under extended warranty
    • Electronic service records accessible by any Lexus dealer

    One Exclusive Lexus

    Here's one for enthusiasts, the extremely-limited ISC350 F-Sport. This car just happens to be black-on-black.

    Eddie Ghanim introduces us to the brand-new, limited production ISC 350 F-Sport. The car features every F-Sport performance accessory currently available from out parts department, special trim options, and a numbered, commemorative plaque.