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    Progress is Progress

    Hello Stevens Creek friends and family,

    Roxanne and I just wanted to take some time to say thanks, personally, and on behalf of the dealership for your kind donations so far. Check out this RX's haul of school supplies!

    We are well on our way toward amounting plenty of items to deliver to our partnering schools. You can see this progress on our Drive for School Supplies wiki. We still have the entire balance of the month to add to our stash, so bring any of the listed items to our service department before April 1. Thanks again!



    Best Overall: Lexus LS 460L

    I like the LS 460L,Especially because of the determination Lexus has set to build the finest luxury automobiles, and to continue to, always, strive to improve them. The LS 460l gives Lexus Owners a confident driving experience, knowing that they made an intelligent choice.


    This is on Yahoo Auto’s this Week...  Best Car Overall: Lexus LS 460L 

    "The LS scored an outstanding 99 out of 100 in our road test, making it our highest-rated vehicle. This large cruiser pampers its passengers with a comfortable ride and luxurious driving environment, including a roomy, well-crafted, and exceptionally quiet interior. It offers a plethora of electronic amenities, including an optional self-parking system. Yet, its controls are easy to use. Although the LS isn't exactly fun to drive, its efficient 380-hp V8 and eight-speed automatic transmission deliver smooth, brisk acceleration and a relatively good 21 mpg overall, the same as a Honda Accord V6. All-wheel drive and a hybrid version are available. Price: $76,572."

    Provided By 

    Please feel free to contact me for more information on this vehicle. Congrats, Lexus!


    Best Practices from Longo, the Industry Leader

    This year's product recalls on Toyota models have proved to be a trial of the auto industry's infrastructure. Toyota has long been viewed in a positive light by its customers, and the automotive sector at large, but manufacturers of all things find themselves confronted with the challenge of handling defects.

    Car dealerships are retail shops that specialize in customer service.In future times of trial, we will turn to Longo's superlative example. We solute Longo Toyota, our sister Penske Motor Group dealership, for their diligence in rising to the occasion, offering repair services 24/7.

    Special thanks to Greg Penske and The Huffington Post for their generous offer to produce the material you see here:

    "On February 3rd, when we received our first shipment of parts, we decided to be pro-active and start 24/7 service to make it convenient for our guests and Toyota owners to get the necessary repairs done," Longo Toyota CEO Greg Penske said. "We want customers to know they are more than welcome to bring their cars in for repairs right away or wait for the recall letter from Toyota."

    Penske estimates that his technicians will need to service roughly 40,000 vehicles, which he expects will take between six and eight months.

    And what if — as is widely expected — Toyota announces additional recalls?

    "We are prepared and have a plan to add more team members to the overnight shift to take care of all our guests, if needed," Penske said. "With the current labor market, we have been able to hire valets to help keep our inventory lot in order and also a lot of skilled technicians coming out of the technical colleges to help make our teams and process even stronger."

    Watch as Penske and Longo Media Liaison Vicki McCoy walk us through the repairs process and give us a glimpse into how customers spend their down time at the El Monte-based mega-dealership."

    [Via TheHuffington Post]


    Eye Candy

    Here's a clip courtesy of our friend Clark Ishihara at VIP Auto Salon, Longo Lexus, and Lexus Corporate:

    ...and some promo reels on the upcoming CT200h. This car's going to be hot!


    Committed to Supporting Education

    Roxanne Murray, whose articles you've read, here, on Kaizen, trained as a teacher. When she heard of the recent budget cuts in schools across California, she knew she had to do something to help to bolster resulting ebb of school supplies in classrooms. This school supply drive is her idea.

    We are fortunate to serve so many people in Northern California, and are confident our collective effort will produce resounding results. Please click here or the banner below to visit a wiki/website we have built especially for this occasion. We update it every day, and representatives from our participating schools do too.

    As a token of our gratitude for your support, we are offering you a 10% discount on any service performed in our facility during the month of March. We hope to run this program and other similar ones in the future, so please let us know what you think of it. Please click the banner below to visit our School Supply Wish List web page. There, you will see our progress to date and current list of our most needed items, in new condition. Thanks again.