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    A Word about Certified Pre-Owned at Lexus of Stevens Creek

    Did you know that not all Lexus dealerships have the same strict criteria as Lexus of Stevens Creek? There is a reason why LSC is the #1 Lexus Dealership in new and Pre-Owned vehicle volume in Nor Cal. Not all Certified Pre-Owned are created equal...

    Lexus CPO cars come with benefits similar to those of new cars, specifically:

    • Low, new-car finance rates and terms
    • Warranty for 3 years and the balance of 100k miles
    • 161-point safety, quality, and cosmetic inspection
    • 24/7 roadside assistance, while under extended warranty
    • Electronic service records accessible by any Lexus dealer

    One Exclusive Lexus

    Here's one for enthusiasts, the extremely-limited ISC350 F-Sport. This car just happens to be black-on-black.

    Eddie Ghanim introduces us to the brand-new, limited production ISC 350 F-Sport. The car features every F-Sport performance accessory currently available from out parts department, special trim options, and a numbered, commemorative plaque.



    NYK's Wake: Supply Chain Sea Change

    The future is RFID. For any process with moving parts- from auto assembly to processing cars in a service facility- Radio Frequency IDentification will assure operations never miss a beat. There's a good reason why we are talking about it now, and for the following picture:


    This NYK poster may appear a vestige of the past, but the company is anything but long-in-the-tooth. Last week NYK announced they would be working with several Japanese auto manufacturers, including Lexus and Toyota, to implement RFID tracking on vehicles throughout the transfer process from the factory to dealerships.

    This end will be accomplished by affixing stickers that look like the image on the right to individual vehicles. The stickers will be scanned in an automated process at each step along the supply chain. NYK plans to roll out the plan by 2013.

    Shipping tracking should implement seamlessly with RFID used in other processes. Our factories already track parts and components using the technology. On the commercial side, another vanguard dealership in Chicago uses it to automatically check guests into their system when they enter the service drive. We hope to follow suit soon, but it will cost us at least $50,000 to do so. You can read more about McGrath's award-winning RFID system in their words:


    2007 Pursuit of Innovation Central Area First Place Winner
    McGrath Lexus of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois

    McGrath Lexus, the seeds of innovation were planted when team brainstorming, customer surveys and industry research all pointed to a single predominant theme: the need to create a more personalized service experience for customers. So the dealership tapped into technology to turn the service drive into a SmartDrive where everybody knows the customers’ name — and everything else about them. The SmartDrive customer management system includes:

    • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags placed on customers’ windshields

    • Sensors installed around the service drive for identifying the RFID tag and the customer while the vehicle is still pulling in

    • Detailed customer profiles that appear instantly on the service advisors’ computers, including personal information, reason for the visit, and vehicle history as well as integrated data from the dealership’s personalized service reminder program

    • Flat-panel displays throughout the service drive showing each customer a picture of the service advisor and a personalized welcome message upon arrival

    • Personalized car wash greeting with approximate wait time display, and customer paging inside the dealership when the car wash is complete

    With the SmartDrive system in place, those first few moments in the service drive are now much more efficient, organized, friendly and enjoyable — resulting in increased satisfaction scores, positive comments, and happy customer faces every day. McGrath Lexus has earned the 2007 Pursuit of Innovation Central Area First Place Award for daring to dream big and setting a new standard for personalization of the service experience.

    Think of RFID will speed the process of you accepting the delivery of your new Lexus the way smart keys did the process of unlocking and entering your car.

    We are thrilled to hear the news.


    Physics-Defying Feats

    Some ants can carry 10 times their weight. During any given moment of driving a car, thousands of actions occur; we'd like to highlight an especially marvelous one...  


    Recently, BMW engineers made a point we could not have made better, ourselves. They calculated if a 3-Series can stop from 60 mph to 0 mph in 2.5 seconds, it would take the equivalent of 2,500 horsepower to slow that amount of mass and inertia. For reference, a BMW 3 Series could have between 200-300 horsepower in its engine. That means, for the point of this exercise, brakes can be 10 times more powerful than the source of propulsion.

    This point is especially relevant to the discussion of alleged "unintended acceleration" in certain vehicles. Here's what one of our favorite blogs, Jalopnik, has to say on the matter:

    "What's this mean for unintended acceleration? Even if you couldn't shift the car into neutral, even if the throttle was stuck wide open, even if you couldn't turn the engine off, you could still stop the car by using the brakes, which can easily overpower the engine.

    Think this only applies to expensive cars from Germany and not cheap cars from Japan? The 2010 Toyota Prius's 60-to-0 time is only a couple hundredths of a second off the BMW's figure, still giving it huge equivalent horsepower numbers from its brakes."

    At this juncture, we'd like to introduce you to our F-Sport line of accessories, and specifically, the brakes. We can easily bolt a front pair or a full set of four to your car. The kit includes larger, cross-drilled rotors (for better cooling), larger calipers with more pistons (for stronger gripping), stainless steel brake lines (for more rapid response), and high performance pads (for effective application and dust reduction). The calipers even come painted a cool, blue color with the F-Sport logo... stylin'! 


    F-Sport makes some other, terrific accessories you can add to your current Lexus. We sell, install, and warranty all of them at the dealership. You can hear the howling, guttural noise of the IS350C F-Sport in the clip below:


    CT200h Overload

    We won't stop hitting you with pictures of the ct200h until someone shows us a cooler, smarter car for the money. We checked. No such cars exist. Period.


    The big news here is that brown is making a 1970's style comeback, only this time in a more elegant fashion. The exterior lineup includes the traditional favorites: Smokey Granite Mica, Matador Red Mica, Obsidian, Starfire Pearl, and Tungsten Pearl, and they are joined by some new blood: Daybreak Yellow Mica and Brown Spice Mica.

    In the interior department, we have the addition of a new brown tone, Caramel. We are also welcoming the addition of "NuLuxe" leather alternative, a space-age material that is new to Lexus.

    Stay tuned!