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    The Final Tally

    Our Drive for School supplies finished on the 15th; these are the results:

    Wow! We are floored by the overwhelming amount of materials we received. Each number in the graph represents a package of the corresponding item, so 150+ "#2 Pencils" really means that many cartons of pencils. Incredible.

    We were thrilled to present these supplies to the schools this week, just before the end of the school year. It has been a pleasure to work with them; we hope to rerun the Drive in the fall, and above all, this endeavor has been a significant learning experience for us. Moving forward, we have a better idea of what works in the context of running philanthropic initiatives tied to vehicle servicing.

    Here is a cooliris gallery of our new friends:

    To take a look back at how these results amounted to their final tally, check out the Drive for School Supplies articles we have published in the series:


    Dogs on Parade

    We just want to say, "Thanks," for your patronage on the 12th. Despite the rain, we still enjoyed a sizable turnout for our dog grooming event.


    The Honest Truth: GX460, Improved


    We understand that in the days after Consumer Report's "Do Not Buy" declarationof the Lexus GX460, there have been some concerns. In an unpredicted fashion, Lexus has responded to the singular, third-party opinion by issuing a voluntary recall and stop-sale on the vehicles. Lexus has been working diligently on a fix to the issue, and a software update is available now at our Service Center for installation.

    You may watch a clip of Consumer Reports' test being replicated alongside an updated version of the GX460 below:

    It is worthwhile to note that the conditions of the test recreate a very specific scenario. For more information on it and the related behaviors of the truck, please refer to the Lexus owners' community at ClubLexus to recap the FAQ related to the GX recall. Feel free to join and converse with their members for even more in-depth exploration.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We assure you that our dealership and Lexus itself will do everything within our power to resolve the situation.

    The GX460 is, in fact, a remarkably capable, luxurious, and all-around-extraordinary vehicle.


    To-ga! To-ga! To-ga! - LSC at Saratoga HS's Earth Day Fair


    We had a busy Earth Day, indeed! Between our event at Service and our auction at Cisco, I visited Saratoga High School for their student-organized Earth Day Fair.

    This video features the RX450h and HS250h, two of the four hybrid cars Lexus currently sells. Both employ full hybrid- not passive hybrid- drive systems. Here are the student's reactions to the cars. Thanks to 'Toga for having us! Happy Earth Day!


    Waste Not

    In the spirit of the holiday, we figured we'd hit you with a cool product that's not Lexus-related. It's Patrick Sung's new "Universal Packaging System," the coolest form of cardboard we've ever seen.

    The design features both perpendicular and diagonal creases, to allow the cardboard sheets to conform to traditionally and abnormally-shaped objects, while preserving structural integrity. Contortional versatility allows UPS to be shipped in sheet form.


    Less material means fewer delivery runs to retailers, lower shipping costs for buyers, and less material in landfills for the rest of us. Bravo, Patrick Sung.