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    Fun and Games

    Here's a cool challenge for you and your friends. Test your knowledge of car logos with this timed game. Send us a screenshot with your time, and if it is the lowest, we will give you a special gift!   

    Click the picture to play!


    Airport Friendly

    As the saying goes, "There are those who travel, and those who travel well." We have come to know our guests as the latter. That's why we are pleased to share these travel tips with you...

    Since 9/11 airport security has tightened significantly. While that is mostly a blessing, negotiating long security lines can be cumbersome, even downright annoying.

    And just when we thought the TSA was taking about as much initiative to streamline their process as does the DMV, they went and did something to totally redeem themselves: they offered to work with companies to develop airport friendly products that do not need to be removed for security screening.

    These products include, but are not limited to, laptop bags, shoes, and belts. These three are the approved styles of laptop bag:

    • Laptop bags must have a separate compartment that folds flat for the computer, and the computer may not be obstructed by pockets, zippers, or accessories of any sort.
    • Shoes must be steel-free, including linings and structural support.
    • Belts must not have steel buckles.

    If there is enough interest in this article and the products it mentions, we might even stock some new items in our Parts department, so please let us know what you think.

    Oh, and one more friendly reminder, from us to you: schedule your next vehicle service when you plan to fly out of town; leave the car with us (for up to 3 days); receive complimentary shuttle rides to and from SJC (during business hours), and save the money you would have spent on long-term parking to, you know, buy that chic laptop bag.


    A Swift Dance Partner in the French Riviera

    Judging by the number of times everyone has viewed our LFA posts, we're assuming you'd like to see more. So here you have it, a graceful dancer, epic scenery, and a legendary locale. Close the door to your office, drift away to the Côte d'Azur, and play the part of Brigitte Bardot in the arms of Lexus' white knight, if only for 3 minutes.


    Program Your Memory Seat Settings Using a Lexus Smart Key

    Here's how to program your memory seat positions using a Lexus smart key. Have fun!


    Dollars and Sense

    At Saratoga High School's Earth Day fair, a student asked me, "How much does this [2010 Lexus HS250h] cost?"

    I replied, "It is relatively inexpensive." Of course, everything is relative. No new "Lexus" seems inexpensive when comparing its MSRP to that of a new economy car, but every Lexus is relatively inexpensive when considering the true cost of ownership. It's comforting to know, too, that Lexus cars have always been attractively priced, compared to other luxury cars.

    True cost of ownership includes:

    • Sale price
    • Taxes, licensing, and other applicable fees
    • Insurance
    • Fuel
    • Repairs and service costs
    • Depreciation

    For a moment, consider the cost factor most evident in every day life, fuel consumption:

    Via: Auto Insurance

    Info graphics, like this one, can be powerful tools to display vast amounts of information in a manageable way. Californians drive 15,000 miles per year, on average. Switching from a car that gets 20 MPG to a Lexus hybrid that gets 35 MPG would represent a savings of $75 in fuel per month. $75 could be the difference between an economy car payment and a luxury car payment. Everything is relative.